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Mittwoch 24 Apr
Webseite http://www.tracedepoete.fr/
Telefon 06 12 77 21 29
Adresse 31 Cours Fernande Peyre Fabrique Notre Dame 84800 L' Isle-sur-la-Sorgue
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Trace Poetry 2019 will run from April 24 to May 12 in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue and Avignon, Cabrieres d'Avignon, Oppède le Vieux, Pernes les Fontaines, Saumane-de-Vaucluse. For its 19th edition, the festival remains faithful to the dialogue between poetry and visual arts, theater, philosophy and music. > Exhibitions - Cultural café FMR Find the artists of La Fabrique in a different light Verni (not) wise of the exhibition Wednesday, April 24 at 19h - La Fabrique Notre Dame Friday April 26 to Sunday May 12 Paintings, inks, photographs, calligraphies , artist's books. Exhibition open every day from Thursday 25 April to Sunday 12 May from 10h to 13h and from 15h to 18h except Mondays. - Campredon Center d'Art from Saturday 4th to Sunday 12th May Salle de l'Atelier Exhibition by Renaud Allirand, engravings, inks, paintings, artist's books. Opening of the exhibition Saturday, May 4 at 6 pm - The Poetry Publishers' Market on Saturday, May 4 and Sunday, May 5 Stands for publishers and poetry magazines Opening Saturday, May 4 at 6 pm - Open from 10 am to 12.30 pm and from 2 pm to 5.30 pm. - Readings, meetings and film during the Market Readings and meetings take place in the landscaped courtyard of Campredon (fallback to the auditorium in case of rain), except the last meeting (film) on Sunday at 16h, which will take place in the auditorium. Ask for your Poet's Badge for free entry. > The program - Wednesday, April 24 Varnished (not) wise at 19h Fun presentation by the Company IP & CO opening of the exhibition, announcement of the program of trace of poet, Real-fake auction Where? At the cultural café FMR THE ISLE ON THE SORGUE Free admission - Friday, April 26 5pm Meeting and reading It's the heart that is Greek Ed. The time he made of and by Michel Arbatz In 1964-65, Michel Arbatz, then high school student, has as a teacher of letters and Latin Michel Monory, friend of Jacques Derrida youth and associate of Letters, twenty years his senior. The second communicates to the first his love of poetry and theater ... 18:30 Opening of the exhibition 20h Readings Sait-never by Adeline Yzac. The exhibition Jean Panossian, ten paintings that suddenly look at me, throw in my face the glow of their enigma, make me a request. Ephemeral Gateways by Simone Molina. Inspired by the painting of Toma Popovici.Or ? At the Notre Dame Factory THE ISLE ON THE SORGUE Free admission - Saturday, April 27 Reading and concert at 17:30 Concertini du Mourre Hispanic poetry and classical guitar Partnership with Les Musicales du Luberon. Or ? At Domaine du Mourre OPPEDY Price: 20 € reservation: 04 90 72 68 53 - Sunday, April 28 Film at 10:30 Medea Pasolini Maria Callas in the tragedy of Euripides. Follow-up of a meeting with Caroline Renard, lecturer in film studies. Organized by the Ecrpf and the Point of Capiton, in partnership with trace of poet. Or ? At the Cinema Utopia AVIGNON Price: Utopia Poe-zique 14h slam / open stage Invited musicians: the fanfare Haut les Mains; Host: Dizzylez Where? At Rocher des Doms AVIGNON Free entry. A read text, a free drink - Tuesday, April 30 Show-performance at 7:30 pm Vision Freely inspired by Cassandra Crista Wolf. Conception and game Isabelle Provendier / Cie IP & CO Soundtrack Irmin Schmidt. Extracts Electre de Sophocle / Sappho Poems Where? At the Gallery Return trip THE ISLE ON THE SORGUE Price: 10 € - Wednesday, May 1 Reading and concert From Greek antiquity to Rébétiko 19:30 Reading by Jacques Roerich, The crown and the lyre by Marguerite Yourcenar from Sappho to Nicarchus, via Theognis, Zoras of Sardis, Rufinus, Nonnos, Hérondas, without forgetting Sophocles, Aeschylus and Euripides. Drink-buffet restaurant Concert Kalliroi Raouzéou Greek poetry and Rébétiko It is in the voice of Kalliroi Raouzeou that melancholy and freedom meet; those that link Fado (fatum -destin) to Rebetiko (rebetis - the one who obeys only his own law) - two Mediterranean musical genres born of marginality and desire elsewhere. In partnership with Litera Where? At the Salle Auzias in SAUMANE-DE-VAUCLUSE Price: 12 € - Thursday, May 2 Opening and reading at 18:30 exhibition of pastels Michèle Reymond reading poems by Jo Paccini Where? At the Traces Gallery in PERNES LES FONTAINES - Friday, May 3 Music Play at 7:30 pm Words in the mouth Editing and reading Nadia Egher. Acoustic and electronic sound universe Benjamin Eskenasi With texts by Gherasim Luca, Georges Perec, Samuel Beckett and Jacques Rebotier. The language comes into play, transformed, reversed, displaced, to give a different meaning, to open an ontophonic space. Or ? At the Notre Dame Factory of L'ISLE ON THE SORGUE Price: € 10 - Saturday May 4 Publishers' Market 2.30 pm Mountains and Waters reading Phloème editions, 2019, by Lara Dopff ... the Peloponnese, I wandered to through this earth, sleeping among the ruins, between the flocks, pursuing the quest for a free sky, the humus of Greek souls, from one myth to another, from one being to another. 3 pm Meeting Living as a philosopher with Yves Ouallet In ancient Greece philosophy was a way of life before becoming a form of thought. What remains of philosophical life forms today? A wandering thinker from Greece to Russia and India, Yves Ouallet tries to live what he teaches (University of Le Havre). Last book: The Wandering Thought, Phloème editions, 2019. 16h Meeting and reading Georges Séféris (ed., Head upside down) and Yannis Ritsos (Po & Psy ed.) Presented by their translator Marie Cécile Fauvin reading by Danièle Faugeras 18h Inauguration of publisher market and opening of the exhibition Renaud Allirand 20h Reading The air heals quickly editions Unes de and by Jean-Louis Giovannoni The world is populated by shadows, ours for the most part. We cross it, tearing ourselves in the air that closes so fast behind us. Or ? At the Campredon Art Center Free Admission - Sunday, May 5 Editors' Market 11:00 am Meeting with Michel Diaz Born in Algeria, he lives in Tours where he taught literature and drama. He tried very early on poetry. But passionate also by the theater, and anxious to explore new dramaturgical forms, he wrote a dozen pieces (some of which were brought to the stage or broadcast on the airwaves of France-Culture and RTBF). 14h Between Dog and Wolf editions Phloème, de and Guilhem Fabre. He is a sinologist and translator but above all a poet. Anchored in Provence, Guilhem Fabre seizes the distant lands that he lived and crossed. 14:30 Seventh Shore Ed. Head upside down, from and by Dominique Maurizi. His writing seems born so that the damned holes of our ghosts do not make the world smaller. It is first of all a breath that carries us away, a breath that opens the window so that the world is wider.»15h« A woven dream »review Europe, by and by Joël Claude Meffre What is this dream? Is it always? Are you dreaming? Are you a dream among dreams? Will he always be the same, this dream of you? 3:30 pm texts by Ghislaine Cuvellier Marina Gallery editions, by Pedro Acción 16h Epaminondas Gonatas presentation by Marie Cécile Fauvin, translator Film visits to Epaminondas Gonatas (auditorium) Where? At the Campredon Art Center Free admission - Tuesday, May 7 Conference at 19h by Nagham Hodaifa Marwan, face to face The painter Marwan Kassab-Bachi (Damascus 1934 - Berlin 2016) moved to Germany since 1957. His work Since the 1960s, it has been an avant-garde reference in the history of art in a movement named. New Figuration of the sixties. Or ? At La Fabrique Notre Dame THE ISLE ON THE SORGUE Free admission - Wednesday, May 8 Show for all ages 7 and up 16h Demeter and Persephone by Vanina Delannoy / Clair Obscur Company This is the story of a mother and her adored daughter, who will be separated, in spite of themselves, but for the good of all. In this founding myth we speak about the earth, the sky, the beauty of the world, visible, invisible and especially nature. In partnership with the Médiathèque Où? At the LIBRARY OF THE ISLE ON THE SORGUE Free admission - Thursday, May 9 Concert at 8 pm Maria Kanavaki song, accordion, accompanied by Christos Pavlis guitar, Bouzouki Rébétiko and Greek poetry Greek buffet and choice of wines prepared by Stéphane Where? Chez Stéphane at L'ISLE SUR LA SORGUE Price: 20 € all included reservation: 04 90 20 70 25 - Friday, May 10 Play 6:30 pm Reading in English and French from the book Thomas Gray illustrated by William Blake Editions Mazenot . Artist exhibited at the Gallery: Jé eco-responsible artist Where? At the DNR La Gare Gallery THE ISLE ON THE SORGUE Free admission - Saturday, May 11 Poetry 10 am to 4 pm Walls and passes, the wall of the plague. Walk in the hill, readings at the stages. 12:30 picnic taken from the bag, place close to cabrières. 15h stage slam at the Hall of Cabrières. with Dry Stone, the Scriptorium, On the side of at Slam Where? LAGNES / CABRIÈRES Appointment at 10am parking Maquis du Chat, Cabrières Play 19:30 It would be like the map of another star ... by Clotilde Marceron, accompanied on the guitar by Véronique Gillet poetic-guitarist trip of the Andes in the Caribbean: we will walk in South American landscape, in the intensity of a poetry abounding and rooted (Neruda, Guillen, Césaire ...), accompanied by a singular music, inspired by the musical colors of this continent .. Where? At La Fabrique Notre Dame THE ISLE ON THE SORGUE Price: 10 € - Sunday, May 12 Reading and meeting at 17h by Marie Rouanet author invited in issue 31 of the journal phoenix. Encounter hosted by André Ughetto It is in Béziers, in its popular family origins, that Marie Rouanet discovered the need to express herself in Occitan because, she says, the Occitan language is that of popular circles, oppressed. She lives south of Rouergue and all her works celebrate the land of the Causses and the men who live there, from Words of delicacies (1998) to The Arpenteur, Prix Jean Morer 2012. 18h pot fence Where? At the Notre Dame Factory THE ISLE ON THE SORGUE Free admission